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Creating a rewarding experience for your customers

Creating a rewarding experience for your customers – Reward Card Mailing

We wanted to encourage customer loyalty and retention for our clients through Reward Card mailings which include special in-store offers and vouchers exclusively for Reward Card holders whilst staying consistent with their branding.

The Reward Card schemes offer benefits to the customers when they make repeat purchases with the client, to ensure these repeat purchases are continued they must have a driver that brings the customers into the stores. Through analysis of vouchers and offers that have been consistently repeated through the mailers it can be concluded that specific offers drive footfall over others which are rarely used.

We create monthly/bi-monthly mailers for each client to their requested size specifications. Each mailer is created with the clients branding and customer base in mind whilst encompassing all of the products and knowledge that is to be included, we use our knowledge of the industry to advise the content of the mailers.

These mailers are supported by in-store POS and email and social media marketing.

Our clients have all confirmed continuous growth within their loyalty schemes which has been contributed to through the in-store POS and online marketing targeting new members. The growth of voucher redemptions across all clients has also grown due to the analysis performed.

Categories: Branding / Loyalty and Direct Mailing

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