LJS Aviation Rebrand

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LJS Aviation Rebrand

LJS Aviation
Rebrand, promotional materials, website rebrand

Creating a new brand to express product knowledge, experience and management

Client: LJS Aviation

What the client said:

What was the problem you needed to solve?
Company brochure & branding (logo evolution, website enhancement, LinkedIn campaigns, company brochures)

Why did you choose us?
Personality and approach to addressing our needs both financially and in terms of branding, including the incorporation of all marketing assets as part of the project.

What did you particularly like about our approach or delivery?
You came prepared with specific ideas and suggestions. Your fresh perspective on aviation and a new industry. Your interest in understanding our creative branding needs in conjunction with our current budgetary requirements and willingness to grow as a partner with LJS.

How would you summarise the experience as a whole?
Excellent and would highly recommend Spring. We had one original requirement – a brochure – that morphed into a much larger marketing initiative that included a comprehensive approach to branding with deadlines for all of the assets. We had tight deadlines and added projects along the way that each time were met with a positive willingness to support our needs. It was easy, friendly, affordable and we achieved all of our goals on time.

Would you recommend us to others?
Yes, and for all of the reasons listed above. We felt like you had an openness and willingness to understand our needs in a unique industry and wanted to assist us with achieving our goals regardless of your strengths or experience, as opposed to other companies we interviewed, where we felt like they were trying to tell us what we need to do based on their expertise – if that makes sense!

Categories: Branding, Strategic Planning, Digital