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KC Service

An industrial control systems integrator, KC Controls Service LLP has many years of experience delivering solutions to numerous industries. From large complex process control systems to small bespoke analytical sampling systems. KC Service is part of the KC Controls group, established in 1986. The logo used was the original created.


KC Service is part of the KC Controls group, established in 1986, and the original brand and business name was too close to their larger sister company and customers were getting confused with the two entities.



Working with the client to establish a “mood board” of preferred design routes, garnering understanding of the client’s customers and stakeholders to match their requirements.


Strategy and design collaboration to produce several design options, presenting to the client with a rationale of the creative journey behind each concept. Taking client feedback of all options and exploring ways to combine their interest between designs to create a second design. Maintaining full designer and client contact to work chosen design style into a final brand.


Spring Marketing created a brand sitting within the existing brand suite of the KC Controls for a new trading name of KCS.

What the client said

“We asked Spring Marketing to help us design a new logo during our rebranding and it turn out to be one of the best decisions we made. The whole process was very inclusive and professional and we were kept involved at every stage. At the beginning of the process we had no real idea of what we wanted but we knew what we didn’t want. Vanessa and her team produced some basic ideas which quickly grew in to the final design which we were over the moon with”

Andrew Carter of KC Controls