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Taking reward vouchers from offline to online. Spring Marketing are pioneers of marketing insights and this case study underpins our work as we embark on supporting our retail clients on a digital journey to the next level of retail marketing.


To save our retail client thousands of pounds on postage and print to reduce the cost of their loyalty scheme and improving the ROI, without undermining the value of the scheme to our client’s customers, and whilst making each and every email unique to the customer in personalisation and code for redemption. This reduces time at the till as the discount is immediately applied and becomes part of a fully trackable and audited campaign through EPOS reporting.



Spring Marketing’s depth of knowledge of email marketing coupled with over twelve years of developing postal mailers for reward card schemes formulated a concise and hard-hitting campaign designed to maximise the opportunity to grab attention in the inbox and open rate.



Poling via our client’s EPOS system to email transmission was achieved in less than 3 working days with a unique identifier code for each loyalty customer to redeem through the EPOS. All delivered through a fully personalised and creative responsive email template.


Following the loyalty email being sent by Spring Marketing at 6.00pm the night before, our client had customers redeeming their vouchers by 9.35am the next day! Within 24 hours the open rate exceeded 56% of loyalty customers interacting with the e-newsletter they received.

The results are instantly achieved and over the validity period of the vouchers a full strategic repurposing plan is in action that is impossible to achieve through the traditional print methods of when the voucher is sent as a physical mailer meaning it is no longer trackable within the postal system.
For the client, the high-quality design alongside the personalization of the e-newsletter punched weight against its printed predecessor and in the process saved thousands of precious marketing budget.