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Don’t forget your customers and they won’t forget you

During the time of this unprecedented crisis, apart from keeping yourself and others around you safe and well, you should focus your marketing efforts on adopting strategies to retain your customers’ loyalty and connection to your brand. By doing this you will increase the likelihood of regaining their custom again when the crisis has passed and things begin to return to a level of normality.

Be ready

Being in the position to launch a “ready to go” customer recruitment campaign will set your business apart for when we finally reach the other side of the Covid-19 crisis. It can also bring a renewed confidence in your own business that you are forward thinking for the return of normality. Planning now will put you in good stead for when you can attract the first wave of customer visits to your business. Consider promotional ideas to generate much needed cash flow, shift surplus seasonal stock and maximise footfall.

Grow your brand

If customers are not able to buy your goods and services due to your business closure at this time, don’t ignore them or delay your communication to nearer the time of reopening, they will still be buying into your brand if you keep in touch with them now. By offering advice to support them and helping them identify opportunities to maximise the success of what they will purchase from you in the longer term will prove an essential tool within a regrowth marketing strategy.

Embrace loyalty

By regular (positive) communication about your brand to your customers in the uncertain weeks ahead you can benefit your business. With marketing budget reduced, allocated elsewhere, or on hold, you will rely on customer data and social channels more than ever.

Positively planning now for when we are on the other side of this crisis

  • Retain customer loyalty

  • Ignite customer love for your brand

  • Instil customer trust and confidence in your business

  • Create customer awareness of what you can offer

  • Regain customer footfall

Above all else be remembered, be respected, be positive.

Stay safe.


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