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GDPR – be ready, prepared and compliant

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years and the window to correctly opt-in your existing customer databases is closing fast (25th May 2018).

GDPR – be ready, prepared and compliant

If finding time is a problem or perhaps you don’t know where to start with the process, we can help.

Retailers, insurers and banks are likely to have to make the biggest changes to ensure they comply with small businesses and charity fundraisers facing a major headache as most do not have the resources or expertise to make sure they comply with the new rules. On the 25th May the GDPR guidelines are enforce through the Information Commissioners Office.

There are six grounds for lawful data processing under GDPR:

Data subject provides CONSENT for the data controller and the contact methods adopted To meet CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS entered into by the data subject and controller For purposes of LEGITIMATE INTEREST pursued by the controller To comply with LEGAL OBLIGATIONS of the controller To protect the VITAL INTERESTS of the data subject For PUBLIC INTEREST or exercise of authority vested in the controller

So, what does this mean for your loyalty scheme? Can you continue to contact your customers by post and email? The answer is yes, probably. Our method is utilising the use of legitimate interest and contractual obligations. We can guide you through an auditable process to assess and framework the processing required to administer the scheme and provide full justification within compliant guidelines that satisfies the Information Commission Office and ultimately fully operational within the mechanics of the GDPR law enforce on the 25th May.

Be ready, prepared and compliant. Working with Spring Marketing not only provides you with stunning creative solutions but purposeful marketing opportunities compliant within the complexities of the new GDPR law which our Strategic Account Managers are fully trained to understand and guide you through as added value to the way we work together with clients.

For email customers, all we need from you is the database you wish to opt in customers to and we will build a tailored package based on your requirements. We will run an opt-in exercise and provide you with data lists of opted in, opted out and non-respondent recipients whilst you go about your day to day tasks. This ensures you are fully compliant.

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