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Keep in touch with your customers

As consumers are spending more time at home during the Covid-19 crisis, they are also online more than ever. It’s been reported recently that there has been a 76% increase in engagement on Facebook and Instagram yet as a consequence users are spending less and less time on the platform.

So, what does this mean for your business?

Even though it may not seem like it while we are all confined to our homes, retailers have never before had the chance to be closer to consumers as they do now. People will remember the interactions they have had with companies during this time of isolation, making retail from home an integral part of the whole retail experience, now and in the future. Messages need to be succinct to capture attention and relevant to enjoy engagement. This combination is a positive outcome for satisfying Facebook’s algorithm and to maximise organic reach without spending on advertising, a welcome result in today’s uncertain economic climate!

Local, one-to-one marketing will take precedence over blanket marketing campaigns for greater personalisation and higher conversion. Retail is unlikely to be the same as it has been before and neither will consumers be when you re-open your doors again.

Now, more than ever, with customer engagement as high as it is during this crisis, is the time to plan:

  • What are your consumers going to buy from you when lockdown is lifted?

  • What will be the demand? Is it web based, click and collect or back in store?

  • Have changes you have incorporated to adapt to Covid 19 restrictions  (extra hygiene measures in store, delivery services or launching an online purchasing presence etc.) become expected of your business moving forwards to normality again?

  • When your consumers leave their homes, will they be loyal to you?

  • Have you attracted a new audience during the crisis, especially where your products / services are being delivered to consumers locally for example?

It is a crucially important time to get a marketing plan together for when eased restrictions are in place. You will likely be so busy the moment your business activities are given the green light to resume that preparing, keeping in touch and remaining in the minds of customers now will be one less thing for you then.


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