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The Importance Of Your Brand

Learn what your brand can achieve for your company’s growth

The Importance Of Your Brand

The world of branding can be a confusing place, this blog is designed to simplify the three main variables and give a better understanding of how your brand can work for your company.

Understanding that a brand is identified through multiple layers is the first step in the branding journey.

The company logo is one of these identifying layers and must be instantly recognisable to a consumer through both colour, style and feel. The strongest logos use a simple colour palette of one or two strong colours with a broader supporting palette to be used sparingly. This is the face of the brand and needs to reflect the industry and how a company is positioned within it, clean, simple and with transparency. ‘A signature colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%.’* Therefore is a key factor in a logo’s development. The following points ask imperative questions to consider for the creation of a logo;

  • Is it easily legible?

  • Does it have a strong, clear colour palette?

  • Is it versatile across a variety of sizes and platforms?

  • Can the consumer easily identify your brand?

The tone of voice is the supporting hand to a logo and is the second layer. If a brand tone of voice doesn’t work hand in hand with a logo then the brand will appear confused and consequently, the consumer trust will diminish. To ensure all brand factors are working in unison the creation of brand guidelines is essential, they work to guide the brand usage and ensure that all assets created are working together. ‘95% of companies have formal brand guidelines. Only 25% of brands actually stick to their brand guidelines.’** Ensuring the brand does not fail at the first hurdle and the guidelines are stuck to in all instances is essential. They should be treated as the primary handbook for a company, what it stands for and how it should be presented to the world.

The third layer is the brand’s visibility, building trust through aligned values with the consumer. “64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.’*** It is important a company not only shares posts on self-promotion but also the brand’s positioning and values, many consumers will warm to this more than just seeing the product-led promotion. A company should work with the brand guidelines and tone of voice to promote their brand to the desired target market, doing research and ensuring they are hitting the right channels at the most appropriate times to gain greater visibility and consequently traction is crucial in a brands development.

Revenue increase attributed to brand consistency

When combining all three layers of a brand it is important to consider the relationship they have with each other and how they work in unison. If this is achieved, then a brand should work effectively to drive a company’s growth through a new and existing consumer base. A brand always needs to be progressive, keeping its consumers at the forefront of its existence;

A company’s success is driven by the consumer, it is important not to lose sight of this.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you to understand the importance of your brand and how it can work to build your company’s growth. We are here to help if you need any support in creating a new brand or would like to build the layers of an existing one to increase consumer visibility, trust and revenue.

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