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about me

My knowledge of marketing to garden centre customers is paramount to the success of our creative team. It has often been said that “ we know our ‘compost’ ”!


I have been a strategic marketing thinker for garden centres since 2006, the glue between what the garden centre wants to achieve and putting the communications and design into action to make it happen through Spring’s creative team. By embracing ROI opportunities and enhancing customer loyalty and engagement I have developed a fountain of knowledge directly attributed and invaluable to the garden centre industry.


My journey began working alongside the Spears family in 2006 at Old Barn Garden Centre, Horsham. Followed shortly in 2007 with Garden Pride Garden Centre, which was part of a large buying group of 30 independent garden centres and whose members we worked with for near a decade. Our impressive results and eye catching design for them caught the interest of other independent garden centres across the UK placing me in a pivotal role of developing marketing strategy, unleashing high level creativity and delivering market insights to over 50 UK garden centres since 2006, and all at the same time! Unseasonal weather, Covid -19, recession. I’ve worked through most of the marketing challenges within this industry.


This huge undertaking has been the foundation of knowledge and learning of what I have seen, what I have learned, adapting to market changes, building relationships with garden suppliers and seeing results in action, throughout the country at the heart of independent garden centre business.  Challenging times call for action you can trust.

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