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'Tis the season to be jolly careful how you Say your Christmas greetings to customers.

Christmas greetings in the form of written messages are all the more important this year. Never before have there been more reasons to revive the wonderful Christmas tradition of heartfelt written words, empathy and connection.

A personal greeting that shows the recipient that you’re thinking of them, a little message of encouragement for those who have suffered under the lockdown measures, a careful inquiry, a reminder that you are there are all a friendly sign of solidarity.

And more than ever, it is personal words of greeting that matter. Not mass emails with jovial dancing icons and sparkling stars – that wouldn’t be the right tone when addressing, for example, someone who has just lost their job or more tragically, a loved one.

The same goes for wishing continued success, or Happy Christmas platitudes for people who have been dealt a heavy blow of fate in this difficult year.

Reach out, be positive for better times by acknowledging the difficulties of the year, emphasise that we are all in this together and be thankful for the loyalty of your clients and customers.

We at Spring are ever thankful for the loyalty and support shown to us from our wonderful clients as we faced the unexpected times along the difficult path of 2020 . Thank you to our clients, suppliers and wider network for your supportive loyalty with camaraderie at the forefront of it all. On our small level, we are proud to have been a part of the UK business community who has embraced this crisis with strength and resolve that we will get through this together.

Thank you, stay safe and whatever the short term of 2021 will bring along; things will get better.


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