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My name is Vanessa Cranford and I am the founder of Spring Marketing.

I'm a confident and highly competent strategist with an eye for creative development and a passion for return on investment. 

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Spring's Beginnings

What's not to love about spring? It is simply the most joyous time of year. The little shoots of hope and the buds of promised colourful blooms that herald new beginnings of dawn chorus and all that is a wonder of nature. 

The spring time daffodil is very close to my heart as it represents my journey as a graduate from Birmingham University (more years/decades than I care to remember) as a young budding Account Executive for a leading direct marketing firm that specialised in legacy marketing. I worked on Marie Curie Daffodil Campaign and I loved it! It was here the passion for consumer marketing was ignited. It was only fitting that when my own skillset had flourished to the point of spreading my wings and going alone, the business I formed was called SPRING.

Little did I know then that Spring would go on to grow into a sector so apt for our company name! The retail gardening industry is robust, delightful and bursting with creative opportunity. It was 2005 when Spring began working with our first garden centre and fast forward to 2024 the number is into triple figures. I have been so fortunate to work with the most proactive, forward thinking garden centre businesses over the last 20 years, and I am passionate that our reputation for delivering top end strategic solutions for loyalty marketing continues to grow stronger with more insights and collaborative ideas shared than ever before.


our team

Due to the nature of our business being seasonal, Spring Marketing is structured to adapt to the needs of our clients and time of year. We have an extensive network of experienced freelancers and partners in design, social media and marketing. We work well with in-house designers and marketers, sharing knowledge and expertise across the team to deliver results. Our team is here to support your business in every way we can.

Our marketing and creative work with UK Garden Centres spans two decades

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