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marketing services:
Results Inspired
By Nature

How We Work

We have been providing UK Garden Centres with bespoke strategy support packages aligned to their business infastructure and objectives since 2005.


With our consultancy service, we work with your team to bring immediate value into the internal resources you employ and implement tracking to ensure ROI and results see positive growth.

Our experience and knowledge of marketing to garden retail consumers means we bring instant value from day one to garden centres we work with.


What we do

Content Your Customers Will Love

Email Marketing

Email continues to be the number 1 marketing channel for building relationships with customers. We have a proven track record for email marketing strategies that deliver results and impactful designs to engage customers.

Our approach looks holistically at the customer journey, building a relationship over time with relevant and interesting content that resonates.

Our email open and click through rates are way above industry standard and we work to ensure content is aligned to business objectives. 

Instore Materials

The customer experience instore needs to reflect their digital experience. We will provide content and design that excites customers in the busy instore environment with interactive elements that allow us to track and monitor customer engagement.

Social Media

Social media digital campaigns can enhance the impact of a successful launches and campaigns instore 

Using our experience and knowledge of the wider aspect of digital marketing channels to identify new audiences and provide messaging relevant to the industry.

Hydrangea Plant

“Whenever I pick up the phone, I am always confident that Spring Marketing will be able to find a solution to the problem with the minimum of fuss and the maximum impact”  

Julie Aylett, Aylett Nurseries

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