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Loyalty Schemes
That Thrive

How We Work

We offer a consultancy service for the launch, development and growth of loyalty and reward schemes. 


Be more than just a garden centre to your customers. Nurture and reward your loyal customers and increase their lifetime value.


Our schemes focus on greater engagement, rewarding loyalty and driving higher spend & visits so the customer and the retailer benefit - win win.


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Our strategy

Results You Will Love


...your scheme by educating existing customers and attracting new customers. We are looking for quality not quantity. We take customers on a journey to onboard and engage them in a long-term relationship that benefits the customer and the retailer.


...your customers through their buying behaviour. We monitor not just what they buy but when, how much they spend and how often they visit.  We use this information to create data driven campaigns that improve loyalty and deliver ROI.


...what makes your loyalty scheme important in the customer’s buying decision making process. We define the triggers and interests to create a scheme that is relevant and interesting to the customer, and ultimately will drive sales and return visits.


We are constantly working to improve the customer experience to keep them active and interested. We challenge the data, looking for insights to inpsire consumers as well as developing new reports and extra features for loyal schemes and their Apps.

Lavender Fields
With a strong strategic skillset formed from significant experience of working with garden centre decision makers for decades, Spring understands the critical path of data and has shown an intuitive approach using it for loyalty strategies that our WinRetail clients are seeing real value in. 

Alan McCammon | Corby & Fellas Retail Systems

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