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The Loyalty Landscape

It’s a brilliant time to be part of loyalty marketing. Britain’s growing enthusiasm in loyalty is exploding. According to studies by You Gov and Mando 79% of the adult British population are a member of at least 1 rewards programme, on average belonging to 6 and actively engaged with 3.  A recent customer focus group Spring ran for a garden centre client showed in no uncertain terms that loyalty members see vouchers as “their entitlement” and therefore to be used to “their benefit” and all too often a brand “does not understand how I want to be rewarded”.


As there were less opportunities for customers to be engaged in reward schemes during Covid-19 days (with many retailers unable to utilise them) we have seen huge growth and membership engagement uptick across UK retailers ever since things returned to normal again.


Existing customers are so valuable and learning about their values through the programme is vital for retailers. Loyalty being viewed as purely transactional is long gone. Emotional strategies are becoming more visible in the way consumers are connecting to reward schemes, links to charity and sustainability causes, advice and support, inclusion to receive something more instantly available and rewarding spend. We have seen a big rise in lower value rewards, early access incentives and service benefits. What can your garden centre offer customers that is free or low margin as added value for loyalty but not impacting the bottom line?


Reward schemes are getting smarter and competition for loyalty amongst brands is getting fiercer.


When was the last time you evaluated your loyalty strategy and technology? If you haven’t in the last 12 months, you’re behind the curve!


  • Have you considered the benefits of a rewards App?

  • To what extent does your mobile app support your loyalty program?

  • Who are your competitors and what is their value proposition for loyal customers?

  • Are your team members advocating the scheme – are they enrolled to fully embrace the USPs?

  • Are your digital communications driving sign ups/engagement compared to two years ago?

  • When was the last time you refreshed communications for your loyalty customers – what’s new?


Spring Marketing offers a free, one off, no obligation loyalty health-check audit.


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