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loyalty is an income generator and a haven for customer insight.

Campaign objective:

Challenging garden centre owners to view loyalty rewards as an income generator rather than a cost centre

Campaign structure:

Regular door drop twice a year, fortnightly email newsletters, max of 6 reward card mailers to customers, welcome email newsletters, birthday rewards mailers and instore PO. Seasonally produced to integrate with campaign objectives to drive loyalty sign ups and see significant uplift in the both the ROI for projects and customer average transactional spend.

Campaign results:

14% increase in new sign ups year on year for a loyalty card scheme operating for over 10 years. This ensures that they were “onboarding” new customers as old customers “lapse” off.

Average of 558% ROI on income from all mailers per year for reward card schemes managed by Spring Marketing.

11% of turnover attributed to the direct spend against the vouchers issued to reward card customers across the garden centres and restaurants/cafes.

Income went up and costs went down (wastage of going to “all customers” with a generic one size fits all message slowly eroded replaced by more strategic targeting of customer trends and buying preferences)


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