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  • Vanessa Banner-Powell

a key digital strategy is email marketing; its potential is worth talking about.

Email marketing is crucially important in the recovery of 2021. It possesses the firepower to bring you loads of sales, improve your customer engagement, establish your brand image, and more.

Our advice; don’t think twice about investing in email marketing.

Almost everyone with internet access (at home, work or on the move) will have an active email address they check regularly throughout the day. The importance of consistent email marketing will be higher than ever in 2021.

On average our garden centre client email data tells us that over 50% of recipients open their email on a mobile device. How many times do you check your phone a day (a lot!); so there is no better place for you to focus your campaigns than directly into the consumers’ hands!

There are so many options of media and advertising, but how many actually get you straight into the eyes of your customers on the move?

"On average our clients enjoy a 52% open rate of their email newsletters we send which we consider a great result; but to be a true success we also want engagement once opened by the customer to be through the roof so our data mining can begin! "

We can monitor this by carefully assessing the email data to evaluate:

  • · How many customers opened more than once

  • · Which customers clicked on one or more links

  • · What percentage of customers clicked through to links in lower sections of the email

  • · Volume of customers who went onto the online shop or other navigation areas

For garden centre retailers, it is often difficult to segment garden retail customers as the products/departments at the garden centre are appealing across a broad range. So for our clients we opt for creating emails that display clearly and load quickly with easy to click links so they work on all devices effortlessly. And inspire customers with lots of colour and vibrant images with the right blend of content to capture the imaginations and interest of the customer across the spectrum of gardening products, including the restaurant and events when reopened again.

Ultimately by having click throughs positioned throughout the email newsletter (via know how’s, online shopping links, top tips, latest products) we have access to understand more of the customer journey and engagement so we can keep getting customer communications more relevant and compelling, continuously and seamlessly.

Spring’s client email newsletters will:

  • Generate better results than most marketing channels

  • Help customer engagement and retention

  • Inspire customers to take action

  • Improve brand awareness and advocacy

  • Connect with customers through personalisation and content

  • Bring lots of traffic to websites and online shops

  • Integrate with other marketing channels seamlessly

  • Cost less than other communication platforms

  • Provides invaluable customer insights

  • Allows reactive, quick turnaround marketing communications – whatever the weather!

Talk to us. We have been growing outstanding ideas for garden centres since 2006!


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