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Cracking the "so what" code - smart use of customer insights

customer visits

Understanding the ‘so what’ of customer data makes a huge difference as to how and when a customer is targeted. After all – how can you accurately advertise to your customers if you don’t understand what makes them tick?


By analysing customer insights, John Lewis was able to uncover that Waitrose customers shop an average of 27 times a year – while the average John Lewis customer heads in-store just five times a year.


Further insights revealed that Waitrose customers will shop instore on average seven times per quarter, while a staggering 50% of John Lewis customers only shop there once a year, with one in ten doing so at Christmas-time.


How many times – on average – do customers visit your garden centre, coffee shop or both?

Our benchmarking provides us with industry stats and tells us that on average loyalty customers visit the garden centre 5.6 times a year… and it grows year on year as all successful loyalty schemes exist to do.


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