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  • Spring

Measurement… how do we know if our loyalty schemes are working?

We track:

  • Recruitment of new customers to the scheme

  • Increase in members’ shopping frequency

  • Increase in overall spending and basket spends (ATV Loyalty versus Non Loyalty customers)

  • Engagement (e.g, coupon redemptions, reviews, social media likes)

We work with our garden centre clients to collate and analyse robust loyalty data and more robust marketing calculations which in turn help us answer these key questions:

  • What is the right number of members to have in the program?

  • Which members are active – and why?

  • What tactics and strategies are working?

  • What is the profitability and value of each relationship?

  • Are my program’s rewards, tiers (where applicable) and benefits aligned to member value?

  • Which members left the program – what happened before they left?

  • Which attributed members should I try to win back?

  • What is the ROI of my program?


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